Eight reasons why every small business needs to have a blog

A blog is technically a base for customers to read all about their favourite companies and their news, while also grasping a better understanding of what they do and what they’re all about. The majority of the time, a business blog creates great content and therefore brings in more traffic. Here are eight reasons on why a business blog is a great idea.

It will earn you backlinks

A company blog fuels SEO and if you want to rank well in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, then it is vital to have some trustworthy backlinks to your blog.

Backlinks work as a seal of approval, so the more relevant and authoritative links that you have directing to your blog, the higher your business will rank on a search engine. By writing informative and interesting content that speaks to your demographic, many other sites will start linking to your blog/website as a source of information, therefore making your site more authoritative in the eyes of a search engine.

To share good news

Customers love knowing about what awards your company has won or what you’re doing for the community. A blog is a base of exciting information for the company and its customers – the more good work you’re doing and the more exciting news you are sharing, the more positive your company will look!

You won’t need big budgets for campaigns

This is a great one for smaller businesses as it levels the playing field against companies with bigger budgets. Blogging offers a free, valid way to compete against larger clients who happen to have a bigger budget and are able to pay for their content to be placed on different websites.

Gather the ideas, research carefully, and add a little panache when writing and you can bring a lot more traffic to your site.

It may get your company free PR

With that being said, publications are always looking for great quotes and content to share on their own site, and, depending on how easy your blog is to find and how much you’re sharing on social media, they may just pick up on a campaign of yours and run it on their site free of charge as a source of news. There is no better PR than free PR!

It will boost your social media presence

If you are churning out fabulous content and sharing it on all your company’s social media platforms, then users will start to notice your brand and start joining in with conversations and sharing the content across their own platforms, therefore recommending your company to their own connections.

Social media is one of the best ways to boost traffic to your site and get your company noticed, and an informative blog post is a great way to aid this.

It’ll let the company show off their personality

Having a blog will allow your company’s personality to shine through and give you a chance to show your customers what you’re all about. It is the perfect opportunity to talk about everything you want to talk about in your own way using the right tone of voice suited to your ethos and target audience.

It will answer everything your customers care about

It is sometimes hard for small businesses, who have a lower budget to carry out market research, which is why a blog would be great for this. Do some research into what people are asking Google and what topics spark conversation on social networks, and spend some time writing content around these topics.

For example, if your longtail keyword research shows people want to know why the UK obesity crisis is increasing, answer that question in a blog post.

It allows you to solve customers’ problems

A lot of customers are often skeptical about new businesses and have a number of questions they want answered without having to call-up the customer services team. A blog can help answer these questions (perhaps how to take care of products to give them a longer lifespan) meaning the customer doesn’t have to call up.

Once your blog has shared the information the potential customers are looking for, they are more likely to buy from your site. It’ll give you a great reputation for being helpful!




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