How to get people to download your new app!

Capture1So you’ve published your App to the App Stores and they’re ready for download… Now What?

Advertising your app and getting users is one of the hardest parts of building a mobile-first startup. Better distribution and advertisement of app results in turning more users and traffic to your mobile app.

Most of the entrepreneurs make mistake of focusing less on this aspect. Besides getting more users, one must focus on engaging the current users as well. The most efficient method that can cause viral effect is word of mouth that is best spread by the customers who have used your products or services.

The better you market your app the more your business will spread. The best way for this is your customers. Provide more ways of sharing your app to the user e.g. on facebook, twitter, Orcut etc.

Let’s have a look on few strategies that can make your customer advertise your app.

Use social media

Many people these days use social networking websites e.g. facebook, twitter or yahoo. You can provide the tools and options to customers to share your app on these websites. Or you might give an option of providing bonus to the user in case they share your app.

Paid cash

You can offer $5 to each new customer or in case they invite their friends to use your app. Although, not the most cost-effective solution, you’re bound to get what you pay for!

Special Offers for App Download

Offer a freebie upon download of your app and tell your customers to go in-store, show the app in order to redeem! This is a great way to increase business and get your app downloads going. You can also offer some kind of special offer or prize for the ones initial customers. This attracts a lot of people at once.

Offer points for using the app

You can offer a loyalty feature or points collection feature whereby users who interact with your app, open a push-notification, check-in at your store and share with their friends can earn points, and use it at your business! (ask us how here)

Promote in store

Flyer designs can be as affordable as $5! Get one done on Fiverr, print them out and hand them around your business or wherever your customers are most!

Keep attracting your current users:

Don’t rash for new users all the time. Try to attract your current users more by sending those notifications about something which is valuable, give them surprises and exciting offers.

Never lose your current users and customers. Promote them with exceptional content or activities – these people will be your word of mouth and help accelerate your business!

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